Spring WebApp Bootstrap App

In the era of the Spring Boot apps, its much easier to bootstrap/scaffold a Java WebApp, but a few years earlier I created a GitHub project in both Java and Scala that brought together a plethora of Java/Scala and JavaScript technologies in a reusable fashion to help a fresh to Java/Scala developer create a WebApp/API app in no time.

The frameworks garnered my most stars, watches and forks on GitHub. In total they summed up to 377 stars, 276 forks, 97 watches.

They are still getting visitors to the date as per GitHub insights. Here’s me sharing the same to rekindle the interest. They are pretty outdated in current times when it comes to tech stack but are still relevant if new to Java and Scala folks are interested in exploring using Generics to bring together an easy to plug and extend MVC pattern powered class structure with default CRUD operations. Particularly refer — BaseJpaRepository, BaseService, UserController, UserRepository classes.

The following is the github links and that is followed by the blog post regarding the project.